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Knee Wall

Expand Out and Reclaim your floor space! 

Whether you have a Cape Cod, Mountain Cabin, Beach House, Bonus Room over your garage, or a Transitional Home with a hip roof.


Our Knee Wall Cabinets allow you to take advantage of the

wasted space behind your walls.

They are great for storage, craft rooms, man caves and more.


Our 16" and 24" wide cabinets are designed to fit between standard

framing members, making installation simple.

Our angled top cabinets are designed to fit under a standard 45 roof frame. Three different heights allow for a variety of wall heights.


Our square top cabinets are designed to be used alone or to stack underneath our angled top cabinets.


Three different heights allow for a variety of combinations. While our variety of standard cabinets should fit most applications,

we understand sometimes they just do not.


Whether you want to order stock cabinets from our website, design your own cabinets, modify an existing cabinet design, provide a custom paint or stain, or of you simply have a question about measuring or installation.  


With over 60 years of combined experience in custom cabinetry and renovation we are here to help make your project a success.


Please feel free to email us with any questions.  

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